The National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF) is contributing to the training of previously disadvantaged people wishing to enter the film and television industry by providing a range of film bursaries and scholarships.

Pretty Mthiyane, Training and Development Coordinator with the NFVF, said that details on bursaries and scholarships for bona-fide South Africans was readily available on the NFVF�s website (go to . The portal features substantial information and application forms for national bursaries, international bursaries and scholarships.

National bursaries are awarded to students from diverse social backgrounds to enable them to study at various tertiary institutions in South Africa.

�Annually, we award on average 60 bursaries to students who wish to study film and television in the various accredited institutions around the country and abroad. These bursaries are aimed at students who are hard workers and have a passion for the industry but lack the financial resources to meet their ambition,� said Mthiyane.

For national bursaries, applicants must already have been selected at an institution that offers formal qualifications such as a diploma or degree. They must also demonstrate financial need, possess good academic results and submit a one page motivation letter which demonstrates their passion for the industry as well as ambition.

Mthiyane said that applications go through a process where they are evaluated by an internal and external panel. Shortlisted applicants go through a stringent interviewing process to ensure that the right students who will ultimately become the Foundation�s �Ambassadors� are selected.

Aspiring students should make sure all details on the application form are correct and up-to-date; ensure that all the required information is submitted to avoid the disqualification of their application and, lastly, know that NFVF do not offer 100% bursaries, with first year students receiving 100% towards tuition fee only and thereafter NFVF pay no more than 80% towards tuition fees.
NFVF�s international bursaries offer opportunities to study at international tertiary institutions for film courses that are not available in South Africa. Due to minimal resources at the Foundation�s disposal, 100% bursaries are not awarded. Under this opening, prospective students should submit, together with the application form, requirements such as a covering letter with a personal motivation and the selected course�s relevance to the applicant's intended career path, as well as how the skills acquired will benefit South Africa; as well as a letter of support from the international institution and proof of excellence within the applicant's field of competency.

The international scholarships are conducted in collaboration with UK-based, SA-born film music composer, Trevor Jones, and the National Film and Television School (UK).

For more information and application forms, aspiring students can visit the website at