It went to top of the US box office on its release (August 14 2009), making District 9 Sony/Tri-Star�s highest opening day for an R-rated August release, after 2007�s Superbad and last summer�s Pineapple Express. Award-winner Peter Jackson�s sci-fi movie, about aliens in South Africa, was 100% filmed in Gauteng and directed by local boy-made-good Neill Blomkamp.

�We�re so proud that it�s finally come home to land,� commented Terry Tselane, CEO of the Gauteng Film Commission, at the movie�s Johannesburg premi�re on 19 August 2009. The movie opened on screens nationwide at the end of August and is already receiving much attention and rave reviews locally.

�We�re increasingly finding Gauteng and South Africa are attracting global shoots, due to our versatile locations and outstanding production skills and crew � and District 9 is an excellent showcase for our talents and locations, having been filmed entirely in our Province,� says Tselane, adding that this growing international recognition and acceptance is undoubtedly having a positive impact on the SA film industry sector.

�Soweto is becoming a popular location for both international and local filmmakers and it�s not surprising, as it has so much to offer, particularly when it comes to gritty realism, and feedback we�ve received from crews shooting there is how welcoming and supportive the residents are.�

Blomkamp�s District 9 had a relatively short development time, and was shot in Kliptown and Tshiawelo in Soweto and around downtown Johannesburg in June and December last year.

The GFC, which has a stated commitment to making the Province a film-friendly environment and of actively supporting the filmmaking industry, has come in for praise for its willing and professional assistance.

International film publication had this to say: �Local producers single out the Gauteng Film Commission (GFC) for praise. �They were extremely supportive and helpful on District 9. With the GFC and the National Film and Video Foundation, we really felt like we had friends in government,� says Michael Murphey of Kalahari Pictures, which co-produced District 9.

Murphey, a co-producer on the film, believes that it�s a unique South African movie. He told The Star Tonight!: �A great movie like Tsotsi shows off what South Africans can do, while a larger movie like Blood Diamond was basically a Hollywood movie that came here. This is a combination. This is a South African attempt at making a blockbuster.�

LA Times writer Chris Lee calls District 9, �the world's first autobiographical alien apartheid movie. Writer-director Neill Blomkamp grew up in Johannesburg during an era of white minority rule; later, memories of the apartheid government's social divisiveness and authoritarian control became �the most powerful influence� in shaping his creative vision.�

Jackson explains about the film: "These aliens arrived 20 years ago in a dead, derelict mothership, which hovers above Johannesburg. It's enormous, like the size of 10 football fields. The aliens have ended up in a Soweto-style township beneath the ship. It's clear that they're not really integrating into society�."

Writer and director Blomkamp explains where the idea for District 9 originally came from: "I was a science-fiction nut when I was growing up in Johannesburg. I just wanted to see that kind of imagery in a third world setting with the complex political history of South Africa."