AFDA has announced that applications for postgraduate studies are now open.

Honours Programme:

This is a one-year full-time degree starting in February 2010 and ending in November 2010 with term breaks in April and September and a production window in June and July. The focus of the honours programme is to provide opportunities for students to acquire in-depth conceptual and applied skills in a chosen major discipline.

Each student will be expected to complete a major project in their discipline and two minor projects in sub-fields of that discipline. The programme offers options in documentary making, twenty-four minute dramatic narratives, commercials, music videos and trailers or promotional films for a feature film for those students who are intending to continue with the Masters of Fine Arts programme. The programme offers a variety of selected discipline skills by means of discipline master classes presented by industry experts and internships at approved production companies.

Masters Programme:

The MFA is a part time degree which can be completed in a minimum of two years. It aims to provide the student with a thorough conceptual and practical understanding of the film making process as well as the mastery of a nominated discipline, and by doing so empowering the student to enter and grow the local motion picture industry, The degree will provide the student with the skills to generate motion picture product as well as the intellectual capacity to creatively engage with a highly demanding and challenging work environment.

In the MFA, students will complete four individual projects in which they will thoroughly investigate a specialised area in their chosen discipline, and by doing so advance the knowledge in that field for the benefit of the industry. They will also partake in the production of a full length feature film which will not only be made to improve their discipline skills, but also to serve as a research vehicle for the respective individual projects.

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