Following the release of Ice Age 3 and Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince, Nu Metro has broken its all-time daily attendance records twice in one month. In addition, the attendance figures for Nu Metro Cinemas' July 08 vs July 09 have seen a whopping 44% increase.

"On the 1st July Ice Age 3 opened on cinema screens throughout the country," says Popcorn Cinema Advertising's GM Karen Bailey. "Nu Metro was ecstatic to learn that this movie had exceeded all recorded attendance figures for any one day. When Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince released on the 15th July however, that one-day all-time high attendance figure was broken yet again."

Occupancy levels for the 3D viewing of Ice Age 3 across all shows on opening day were recorded as 90% for Menlyn Park and 83% for both Montecasino and The Pavilion. The standard Ice Age 3 screening saw occupancy levels of 62% across the 23 Nu Metro cinemas the film released in.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, released in 24 of Nu Metro's cinemas, showed huge occupancy levels, for example The Pavilion levels reached 92%, The Glen 89% and Menlyn Park 84%. Overall, attendances averaged 71% for the day.

"For the first six months of the year Popcorn's cinema attendances are up year on year," says Karen. "We believe that this is due to the affordability of cinema as an entertainment avenue, combined with the fact that many people were on 'staycation' during the holiday periods and still required a means of entertainment. These figures are great news for advertisers wanting to reach the lucrative cinema market."

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is recorded as the biggest worldwide opening weekend ever with box office takings of US $396.7 million.

Source: Popcorn Cinema Advertising, tel +27 (0)11 329 0600, Debbie Brady, Sales Director,