New Vision Media (, having now divided its efforts into the fields of advertising and production, stands with New Vision Pictures as the production house behind the enthralling CreamCartel reality series currently on Vuzu TV.

The CreamCartel story offers a glimpse into the lives of four uber-cool young creatives living in the city of Johannesburg. New Vision Pictures' in-house team, headed by Damien Brown, has not only successfully launched the CreamCartel brand onto television, but has also effectively created a reality series for the young, dynamic and creative South African youth to enjoy.

CreamCartel is a show to be paralleled with its production house as they both share a revolutionary, yet quirky and creative nature that is missing within South African television. CreamCartel destroys all stereotypes and pre-conceived notions within the scope of Johannesburg youth.

New Vision Pictures is not short of success, and is striving for more in an industry that is need of some fresh, young and creative talent.

CreamCartel Season 2 and Vixens are next on the list of successes for New Vision Pictures.

Source: this article appeared on Biz Community on 12 January 2010 -