Workshop with Production Industry
Date: 29 July 2010
Venue: Alliance Francaise of Johannesburg
17 Kerry Road, Cnr. Lower Park Driver, Parkview

The aim of this session would be to:

  • Give an understanding of the commissioning process in the European context
  • Provide industry representatives with an insight into how a successful CE works with producers/writers to foster good working relationships and award-winning content
  • The business of television (the relationship between creative freedom and commercial imperatives)
  • The state of European TV in the global recession
  • Working opportunities between European broadcasters, local producers and the SABC (the demand for African content or lack thereof)
  • Programming trends in Europe

Further to this Mr. Merle will be hosting a workshop at the Durban international film Festival on the 26th of July.

The recent French-South African treaty means that there are co-production possibilities between the two countries. This means the relationship needs to be nurtured. Pierre could enlighten the industry on how the French industry works and shed light on what opportunities there are between France and South Africa.

The SABC is keen to solidify relation ships with French broadcasters and this is an invaluable opportunity. We have also recently facilitated the use of the DTI rebate which would make working with France even more feasible.