This coming weekend The Bioscope will host a special three-day Brazilian Film Festival. Titles to be screened are Filhos de Joao, Broder and Besouro. Special panel discussions with members of the cast and crew will take place after each screening. All screenings will take place at 20:00.

The titles to be screened are:



Macu has lived on the outskirts of Sao Paulo all his life. During a surprise birthday party organized by his mother Dona Sonia, and held without the knowledge of his stepfather, he reencounters two of his childhood buddies who no longer live in the neighborhood: Jaiminho, today a successful soccer player in Spain, and Pibe, who strives to make a living as an insurance salesman.

Even though the two friends had moved away, they still have unresolved business to take care of in the neighborhood. Jaiminho had gotten Macu's stepsister, Elaine, pregnant before leaving and was not handling the situation very well, and Pibe had married Macu's ex-girlfriend, Claudia. What neither the family nor the friends know is that Macu is deeply in debt with local drug dealers and has agreed to let them use his house as a hideout for a child to be kidnapped by the local drug dealers.

When the plans to kidnap the kid are called off, the gang leaders decide they want Macu to help them kidnap Jaiminho, the millionaire soccer player. Macu has to decide whether to help the criminals and betray his friend or to confront them and risk his own life.

The film was shot in Capao Redondo, a district where more than 1,100 people were murdered since 2000, being 465 below 24-years old. Capao is situated on the South Side of Sao Paulo Metropolitan Area, where more than 19,100 people were killed at the same period (being about 7,500 people killed during the conflicts at Palestine from 2000-2009, including Palestinian and Israelis, just for comparison). Capao Redondo is also the home of some of the most talented Brazilian artists today, such as musician Mano Brown, the songs of who are included in the film's soundtrack, as well as writer Ferrez who has collaborated with the movie's screenplay.

Filhos de Joao


The film richly describes the scenario of Brazilian Popular Music during the 60 and 70', through the path of the innovative and revolutionary musical group Novos Baianos. It particularly portraits the influence that Joao Gilberto played upon their musical life and his valuable contribution to the improvement of the songs composed and sang by them. The film also describes a communitarian style of life led by the group members during a certain time and its influence on their final work. The Film shows unique and rare archive materials of the best MPB music and special participations from Tom Ze, Rogerio Duarte, Orlando Senna, Moraes Moreira and Pepeu Gomes, among many others.

Topics like Brazilian Carnival and Cinema, Tropicalism, dictatorship and others are common background to their everyday lives, provoking important reflections for the understanding of Brazilian contemporary culture.



Besouro was the most famous capoeirista (player of the Brazilian martial art Capoeira). Besouro tells the story of a boy that defies the laws of physics, like the flying beetle he takes his name from, and becomes a hero that defies prejudice and oppression. Filled with adventure, passion and mysticism.

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