Director Mukunda of Johannesburg-based Picture Tree is yet again breaking borders with his innovative use of filming styles in the latest spot for Rehidrat. The series of 3 commercials,

Picture Tree's Mukunda dives in
shot for JWT (Cape Town) sees the Tornado camera system from Film Media Services being taken under water- a concept never explored before on local soils.


"We had a very specific creative vision of how these ads would play out," comments Gary King, Executive Producer at Picture Tree. "The logistics were merely a formality - we knew we had to take the Tornado underwater to pull it off and getting there was a matter of doing tests to convince everyone that it could be done."

The technicalities of shooting on the Tornado - at 1000 frames per second - were amplified by the added necessity of a custom-created underwater housing and the very specific lighting reflections needed to pull the shots off. In the end, light had to be reflected off the floor of the pool through the water onto the characters, in order to create this beautiful slow motion underwater footage.

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Source: Kezi Communications, +27 11 616 1860