Local feature's sound post-production company, Area 5.1, has recently won a SAFTA award for the "Best Sound Design in a Feature" for their outstanding work done on White Lion.

"This is an impressive achievement and a job really well done", says Tracey Williams, Director of Post Production at The Refinery. "We are very proud of the sound work done on this film. Those of you who haven't seen the film, it is worthwhile. When viewing the film, keep in mind the sound track was built up in post-production - you will feel you are sitting in the African bush"

Congratulations to the team at Area 5.1, Charlotte Buys, Nicky de Beer, Michael Botha, on securing this stellar award for Area 5.1.

The sound on White Lion goes to another level with the sound track being supplied by the maestro Phillip Miller, who won the SAFTA for Best Musical Score in a feature.

Source: Kezi Communications, tel +27 (0)11 616 1860