Sweet Spot Content (formerly Sub Urban Films), a multi-disciplinary integrated media company, recently completed a McDonalds commercial, entitled Four Shadows, filmed in Bez Valley Park, Johannesburg.

Linda Notelovitz, CEO and Executive Producer, provides some detail: "This spot tells a story of a young African boy named Kelvin and how he gets his Four Shadows. Kelvin and his friends are crazy about soccer - they practice soccer every day, read soccer magazines and talk about their soccer heroes. Kelvin has posters of Teko Modise on his bedroom walls and dreams about meeting his idol one day.

Kelvin enters the McDonald's Soccer Escorts competition - and wins! He has the opportunity to escort his soccer hero into the stadium and experience what it is like to be a soccer star. Once on the stadium grass in the spotlights Kelvin looks down at Teko's feet and sees he has four shadows. He then realises that he too has four shadows. 'Only the best of the best get their four shadows'. Kelvin realised a dream because of McDonalds - I'm Loving it!"

The shoot, which took place on 12 and 13 January this year, was filmed in Bez Valley Park and the Rand Stadium. "We chose Bez Valley Park because we liked the look of the streets - very urban and gritty which suited our commercial. We chose Rand Stadium as the location worked and it was one of the few stadiums that allowed us access as the others were busy with preparations for the soccer World Cup," explains Notelovitz. The commercial is due for flighting shortly.

The Agency was DDB Johannesburg, the Agency Producer was Kathy Scharrer/Angelique, the Executive Creative Director was Gareth Lessing and the Creative Director was Phil Mailer. The post production was completed at Pudding and Blade, Johannesburg while the Editor and company was Nick Goodwin of Aces Up, also in Johannesburg. VT equipment was supplied by Take It, Panavision SA supplied the camera equipment, Panalux supplied lighting equipment and The Noize Department supplied sound. Kelvin was played by Koketso Munonde.