Johannesburg-based Hybrid Entertainment is an exciting new media channel that already is, or soon will be, screened across an exclusive network of South Africa's most popular

Hybrid Entertainment pioneers
venues as well as airtime vending machines, airlines and trains.


The media content is targeted and specifically produced for the current clientele in each venue. The advertisers represent international lifestyle brands, and their advertising is at all times elegant, sophisticated and of an extremely high quality, says founder and executive director, Wayne Lanjopoulos.

"We're looking at screening in restaurants, bars, coffee shops, cafes and night clubs, trains including the Shosholoza Meyl, airtime vending machines and Traffic TV television screens in taxis, as well as airline carriers' in-flight advertising on screens."

Lanjopoulos is enthusiastic about the Lonehill, Fourways-located company's prospects. "I started Hybrid Entertainment in mid 2008 by myself, and I now have two key staff members, Storm Nell, our sales manager and Sharlene Archary, our office manager. My focus initially was to pioneer above the line digital media in South Africa and to offer advertisers an alternative to the traditional terrestrial mediums of TV, radio and print. We initially focused on clubs in both Johannesburg and Cape Town, but we are now concentrating mainly on the greater Johannesburg market as our first phase.

"Our venues are nationwide with the likes of Mango and 1time airlines, the Cappello franchise group, taxis and airtime vending machines. Our focus is completely target driven and caters for all areas of the market, from the lower LSM to the top LSM 10. Through our network, clients have a direct link to tap into their market groups and by so doing, enhance their market share and increase their revenue.

"The concept is almost one of stealth advertising - get into the consumers' mind when they are least expecting it, staying subtly in the background and getting the message across when he/she can't run away. It's a sort of 'Grab the consumers' mind and sell'," explains Lanjopoulos.

To date, Hybrid Entertainment has secured over 1000 sites and venues across the country. "We are extremely excited about the FIFA World Cup being held in South Africa. Through our vast network we are able to truly deliver maximum exposure for our clients across a wide spectrum," says Lanjopoulos.

Some of the successes of Hybrid Entertainment include:

  • The securing of over 1000 sites throughout the country
  • Securing franchises such as Capello and O'Hagans
  • Securing airtime vending machines in the Shosholoza Meyl Train
  • Securing digital media for dignitary transport vehicles for FIFA 2010
  • Securing in-flight advertising and exterior branding for 1time and Mango airlines.

"We predict the digital media market and specifically our network will snowball during 2010," concludes Lanjopoulos, adding that this will expand their number of venues to an estimated triple what they currently have.