Africa International Film Festival
The theme of the Africa International Film Festival is "Africa Unites".

The African movie industry is to get a boost with the launch of the very first Africa International Film Festival (Afriff), to be held in Nigeria from 1 to 5 December 2010.

Afriff is a platform for the world to zoom in on the talent and beauty of Africa through film. From December 2010 it will be held annually in Port Harcourt in Nigeria’s Rivers State, hosting local and international filmmakers, celebrities, actors, directors, film buyers, distributors, visual artists, film students, amateurs, film lovers and the press.

The theme of Afriff is “Africa Unites”. It draws on the principle that being African is a bond that goes beyond geography, birth or lineage, as people of African origin are spread across the globe and Africa is also a proud home to many non-Africans. The vision is to reflect a common true African identity and re-establish Africa as an original home to all.

Africa has been able to capture the world’s attention through its ancient cultural heritage and beginnings of civilisation. With films it will have the power to connect people from around the world, creating common ground hence promoting boundless unity.