The Gauteng Film Commission's new five-year film industry strategy covers the entire film sector, addresses the full production value chain from script to post-production, and looks at the development of existing and new content markets locally and internationally.


In November 2007 the Gauteng Film Commission (GFC) adopted the final research report of the first phase of "Project Gaullywood" (Deloitte 2007) – a detailed investigation into the size, scope and impact of the Gauteng film production industry. In particular this study incorporated:

1. A comprehensive contextual and situational analysis of the Gauteng audio-visual market, including:

  • Review of global trends, best practices and industry benchmarks
  • Review of the Gauteng and SA audio-visual markets
  • Sector competitiveness assessment

2. Reporting on current international and national best practice as regards the activities of Film Commissions and Offices.

This research is now widely considered the most comprehensive source of sector data in the province and for the first time adequately presents the social and economic benefits that are accrued to the province through film. The GFC has now built on this work to consolidate strategic insights gained during Phase I in the form of a comprehensive strategic 5-year Film Industry Strategy.

The objectives of the Strategy are to:

  • formulate a cluster development strategy that is supportive of the goals of a Global City Region
  • formulate a strategic development plan for the future of the film and TV industry
  • inform government programmes and policies aimed at the industry
  • carry out an objective evaluation based on international and local experience of support schemes and incentives to develop the industry and recommend appropriate models for Gauteng
  • inform GFC priority programmes by focussing on lucrative segments and subsectors of the industry
  • facilitate the identification and removal of obstacles
  • facilitate the development of investment, content, distribution, production, post-production and audience platforms
  • provide for more focused marketing
  • create alignment within the sector, and
  • provide for implementation, monitoring and evaluation.

The strategy covers the entire film and TV sector including the production of films, commercials, TV, animation and new media, documentaries and stills photography. In addition the strategy addresses the entire production value chain from script to locations, to production and post-production. The strategy also addresses the development and growth of existing and new content markets both internationally as well as locally.