Terry Tselane

Terry Tselane, who has served the country’s film industry and in particular the Gauteng Film Commission (GFC) for five years, has been appointed as Deputy Chairperson of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), effective 1 January 2012.

“I am honoured by this appointment and with the trust and faith that has been placed in me by the President, Mr Jacob Zuma. I see this as an opportunity to contribute even more to the development of our country and all its citizens. Our country’s record and reputation in achieving fair and free democratic elections since 1994 is to be protected, valued and I intend to make whatever contribution I can to sustaining this,” says Tselane.

He thanked the Gauteng Provincial Government, and in particular the MEC for Economic Development, Qedani Mahlangu for the faith shown in him and their support of the GFC’s initiatives in promoting the audio-visual sector.

In the same week that he was appointed a deputy chair of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), Tselane was also appointed the CEO of National Film Video Foundation (NFVF). About this appointment Tselane had this to say “It was a great honour and privilege that the NFVFV Council believed that I could take the NFVF to another level and I have worked for the film industry in Gauteng for the past six years and I was also confident that I could make a positive contribution to the NFVF, and it was with great pain and regret that I had to decline this position”

In terms of the Electoral Commission Act, whoever gets appointed on a fulltime basis has to serve to the exclusion of any other appointment or position. Tselane therefore cannot serve in both capacities.

Tselane encouraged engagement with the film industry and under his guidance, the Gauteng Film Partnership, a body comprising key representatives of the film industry sector and the GFC, was established.

Tselane believes that the GFC’s achievements over the past five years are due largely to the commitment of his team at the Commission.

“I have been fortunate to have worked with a dedicated team of professionals, whose passion for the sector and the country will no doubt be of immense support to the incoming CEO.