The Open Window School of Visual Communication Design in Irene has established itself as the leader in the field of design education with the mission to deliver dynamic and professional designers who possess the technical and creative capacities required by the visual communication design industry, both national and international.

They promote a multidisciplinary approach to design, and students gain a diversity of skills, practical experience and knowledge during their studies. The objective is to find a range of appropriate solutions by accurately scoping visual communication problems, interpreting research results and integrating developed competencies in various media. This approach has ensured an excellent employment rate of The Open Window graduates over the past years

Elné Potgieter, a final, third-year film major student, recently completed a documentary that includes a short narrative segment. “I have named it My ma het my toe nooit vertel,” she says. “It is a short documentary about what your parents never told you about growing up. The interviews were done with people between the ages of 21 and 35.

“A short narrative segment between a man and woman showcases the tough decisions that take place during the growing period; deciding whether or not you want to be average or stop listening to the worlds' pessimistic views of dreaming big - and actually going for it”.

Potgieter was the director and editor. Camera and sound was by DeWet Nienaber and Christoff Dürr. Grips were Daniel Dewet and Riaan Potgieter, and the cast included Jacques Koen and Elné Potgieter.

“We started shooting on the 27th of October,” says Potgieter, “and wrapped on the 23rd of November. The locations chosen were on the interviewees' homes - in and around Gauteng and mainly in Pretoria. Our principal location was at O.R. Tambo International Airport which was used for the narrative segment of the documentary”.

The camera, lights, sound and tripods were obtained from The Open Window School

of Visual Communication Design. Tracks and Dolly’s were hired from Johannesburg based Media Film Service.

The camera used was the popular Canon 5D. The 5D was the first DSLR to feature 1080p video recording. The 16:9 aspect ratio portion of the sensor used in video mode is equivalent in sensitive area to a VistaVision 8/35 frame, even larger than the Super 35 frame of the much more expensive Red One camera. This large sensor allows videos to be recorded with very shallow depth of field for a film look.

“We recorded full HD 1080i 24 frames per second” says Potgieter, “and the post production was completed in final cut and after effects, in the edit suites provided by The Open Window School of Visual Communication Design. The final running time is 15 minutes and it has English and Afrikaans. (English subtitles for the bits with Afrikaans)”.

The film was shown at the final year student exhibition this past week at The Open Window School of Visual Communication Design in Irene.