Night Drive

After months of negotiations, The Film Factory has announced that they
have recently signed a distribution deal with a US-based company for a number of high-profile releases of the South African horror movie Night Drive.

Night Drive was introduced to the film industry at American Film Market in Santa Monica, California in November 2010, generating tremendous
interest in both the movie itself and in South Africa as its location. It was immediately sold to three different territories – Germany, Japan and the Middle East – with others currently in negotiation.

The overall perception at the market was that Night Drive had a unique concept and was not scared to explore the dark side of Africa.

“It was our intention right from the outset for Night Drive to not only be released locally but internationally as well, so we’re thrilled at this immediate response and tremendous interest the film has received,”
says CA van Aswegen, executive producer from The Film Factory. “We also see it as an affirmation that the South African film industry is being taken seriously by the international players and we hope that Night Drive will continue the existing surge of interest in local content overseas.”

Night Drive’s major international market launch will be at the European Film Market in Berlin in February 2011. The movie will be released in South Africa on 18 February 2011, distributed by Indigenous Films.

A gritty, nail-biting slasher flick rated 18 for violence and language, Night Drive is set in the harsh South African bush, where an assorted mix of tourists are left stranded on a night safari. Local folklore speaks of the Hyena Man, a ruthless criminal known for trading with animals and animal body parts. Legend has it that he now heads up a well-armed and skilled group of poachers on the hunt for human beings, dead or alive …

As terrifying events unfold, the tourists realise wild animals are the least of their fears. Night Drive was written and directed by Justin Head and stars Christopher Beasley, Corine du Toit, Brandon Auret, Greg Melvill-Smith, Antonio Lyons and Leroy Gopal.

Watch the official trailer for Night Drive: