Inside Story

The nonprofit Discovery Channel Global Education Partnership (DCGEP) began principal filming this week on Inside Story: the Science of HIV/Aids in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The feature-length film, produced with the support of Pepfar, Chevron, Discovery Communications, the South African Department of Trade and Industry, Access Bank and Seacom, combines the best of fiction and non-fiction storytelling to unravel the mystery of HIV and empower millions with the knowledge they need to make informed health decisions.

Produced by South African production company Curious Pictures and directed by Rolie Nikiwe (Tsha Tsha, The Lab, Intersexions), Inside Story stars Kevin Mamboleo (Changing Times) as Kalu, a gifted footballer who moves from rural Kenya to urban Johannesburg to follow his dream. His path becomes more challenging when he falls in love with the coach’s daughter, Ify (Kendra Etufunwa), and also finds out he is HIV positive. Newcomers Mamboleo and Etufunwa are joined by nationally and internationally celebrated stars including Hakeem Kae-Kazim (Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, Hotel Rwanda, 24) as Kalu’s mentor and tough-as-nails coach, Fana Mokoena (Blood Diamond, Hotel Rwanda) as the ruthless team owner, and Regina-Re as Kalu’s mother, Miriam.

Inside Story will demonstrate the science of how HIV works in a personal, practical and memorable way, replacing misunderstanding with facts and demystifying the virus through a realistic animated journey inside the human body. After production is complete, a comprehensive rollout of the film will include national broadcasts across sub-Saharan Africa and distribution through grassroots efforts of NGOs, schools and governments.

“Discovery Channel Global Education Partnership is dedicated to using the power of media to transform the lives of people around the world,” said Aric Noboa, president of the Discovery Channel Global Education Partnership. “As production begins on Inside Story in South Africa and Kenya, we are shining a light on the unseen realities of HIV and Aids.

“Thanks to passionate and generous partners, world-class talent and support from around the globe, we will bring a unique approach to HIV/Aids education to audiences across the African continent.”

Harriet Gavshon of Curious Pictures said it was rewarding to be working on such a project, with such partners. “Working with Discovery Channel Global Education Partnership on Inside Story has been an honour,” she said. “It is important for us to find new ways to communicate life-saving information about HIV and Aids, and this film will do just that. We are delighted to be delivering such an important message with DCGEP.”

Rhonda Zygocki, executive vice president for policy and planning at Chevron, added: “Chevron has been a leader in the global fight against HIV/Aids for more than 25 years. Our commitment to HIV/Aids outreach is powered by our partnerships with governments and nonprofit organisations around the world. We’re proud to partner with DCGEP and sponsor Inside Story. One day, we’ll defeat Aids – in our workplace, in our homes, our communities and our nations.”

Additionally, DCGEP will provide facilitator training and guides, educational posters, and DVD materials for use by community and public health organizations, as well as schools throughout Africa, to reinforce Inside Story’s messages in both urban and rural communities. The initiative will also include a dedicated website, extending the reach and impact to online audiences. Behind-the-scenes shorts are also being planned for Discovery’s portfolio in South Africa to coincide with the release of the film. For regular updates on Inside Story, visit