Neill Blomkamp has cast Die Antwoord's Ninja and Yo-landi in his new sci-fi comedy, Chappie, which is scheduled to be filmed from September to December this year in Johannesburg, with a budget of $50-million (R460m), reports Die Burger newspaper.


According to Ninja, the zef rappers will be playing themselves. Yo-landi dropped a hint in Die Antwoord's song Baby's on Fire, released in August 2012, in the line "Neill Blomkamp's making me a movie star".

Blomkamp released the first footage and trailer of Elysium, his first film since District 9 in 2009, at ComicCon last year. And EmpireOnline called it "seven minutes of hugely impressive footage (Fichtner! Robot bodyguards! Violence! Copley with a force-field!)" that "went down a storm". Written and directed by Blomkamp, Elysium stars Matt Damon, Jodie Foster and District 9's breakout South African star Sharlto Copley. It was reportedly shot with a budget of $100m in various locations around Mexico and Canada.

He told EmpireOnline that Chappie was first announced back in January 2011. "I was writing Elysium and I had this idea for this film and so I wrote it with Terri [Tatchell], who wrote District 9 with me," he said. "I came up with the original idea and within three weeks, it was done. I would write that with her and then write Elysium on my own. It was a fairly fully-formed idea. It's much more simplistic than Elysium in terms of overall concept. It's a much more simple thing.

He added: "It's a science fiction comedy thing, that's as far as I can go with that ... District 9, Elysium and Chappie were all born out of some visual concept first," he explained. "Chappie is the imagery, because I think I'm a visual person first, of this ridiculous robot character. It's much more comedy based, and in an unusual setting."