The South African award-winning documentary, Dear Mandela, a moving tale about three shack dwellers fighting for their home, is showing at the Human Rights Human Wrongs Documentary Film Festival in Oslo, Norway from 5 to 10 February 2013.

Dear Mandela

Co-directed by Dara Kell and Christopher Nizza, Dear Mandela tells the thought provoking story of Abahlali BaseMjondolo (Zulu for "people of the shacks") and their fight against the removal of their shacks by a government trying to eradicate shantytowns.

Dear Mandela journeys into the everyday lives of three dynamic leaders of the movement.

Determined to stop the evictions, Mazwi, Zama and Mnikelo meet their communities by candlelight to study and debate new housing legislation. To their shock, they discover that the innocuous-sounding KwaZulu-Natal Elimination and Prevention of Re-emergence of Slums Act, 2007 – the Slums Act – legalises mass evictions and violates the rights enshrined in the Constitution. They decide to challenge the Act all the way to the highest court in the land, the hallowed Constitutional Court.

Abahlali BaseMjondolo is believed to be the largest movement of the poor to emerge in post-apartheid South Africa.

Currently showing on WORLD channel, a public television channel in the US, Dear Mandela is also streaming on AfroPop. It will also be screened in London, Australia and Egypt soon.

Dear Mandela has received support from the Sundance Institute Documentary Film Program, which will enable its producers to expand the movie's audience engagement campaign in Brazil, India and Nigeria.

Among its accolades are Best South African Documentary at the 2012 Durban International Film Festival, the Movies That Matter Golden Butterfly award and the Grand Chameleon award at the Brooklyn Film Festival.