gogoAtlanta, GA - Zenobia Abudu-Abrams, also known as GoGoMediaGirl! has announced her crowdfunded travel and learning campaign to travel to South Africa for three weeks beginning Mid-July, to interview and work with a wide range of the country’s top female entertainment and media professionals.

GoGoMediaGirl! uncovers the secrets of how to get into the entertainment business when you’re a female, the obstacles and how to overcome them, and tips on how to prepare and what skills are needed for future success.

According to GoGoMedia Girl!, “I’ve always hung out around people who work in entertainment and I’ve loved learning about the things that you do that involve working in the business.” She continues, “There’s never been a time when I didn’t want to learn something new about the business. It’s just all so fascinating to me! I wouldn’t be surprised if I ended up working in the entertainment industry, and I also want to help other kids get excited about it too!”

GoGoMediaGirl! Is partnering with AlexFm Radio Station in Alexandra Township (an area with 60-80% unemployment) in inner-city Johannesburg to train and work with young media producers and create a Virtual Media Training Centre in the community. The list of supporters is already extensive and features CNN, SABC, Urban Brew, SowetoTV, eTV colleagues, world-famous playwright Welcome Msomi, Film Producer and Financier Kweku Mandela, many top female TV and Radio Presenters, and a host of other successful industry figures.

WHO: Zenobia Abudu-Abrams (Age 9), also known as “GoGoMediaGirl!”

WHAT: Crowdfunded service and learning project to profile career opportunities for young girls in Media and Entertainment

HOW: Interview a wide range of successful entertainment and media industry figures to construct online written and video profiles that provide a high level of detail of day-to-day activities, what skills are used and how to build those skills over time.

WHERE: Johannesburg, South Africa

WHEN: NOW - August 11, 2013 (includes National Women’s Day)

WHY: Because there is a lack of information for young girls on how to prepare themselves for success in the entertainment and media industry. This includes life skills, self-esteem and expression, and confidence building.

Local number: 073 566 2442

Website/Blog http://www.gogomediagirl.com/

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Twitter: @GoGoMediaGirl

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