The biggest documentary ever made on all the world's religions is about to go into production, and WNET New York Public Media is looking for footage from filmmakers around the world for what they believe will be the most diverse and complete film on the world's religions ever made.


Sacred, as the new documentary movie about the world's religions will be titled, will capture major religious holidays as they are celebrated globally.

Filmmakers will also be required to document lesser known holy days in undiscovered places and record those daily, everywhere rituals that the world's believers use to mark life's turning points: birth, death, marriage, and coming of age.

The shooting period will coincide with the solar year, beginning on the northern summer solstice, 21 June, and ending 365 days later on 21 June 2014. By using the solar calendar, Sacred's filmmakers will capture a year of rites, rituals, and holidays without singling out the calendar of any one religion.

Production is about to begin on the documentary. In addition to footage from professional filmmakers, WNET New York Public Media will welcome footage from anyone who wants to film an event that is sacred to him or her. Every person whose footage is selected for the documentary will receive a stipend and onscreen recognition.

Filmmakers can apply to participate and find out more about the film by visiting the Sacred, The Movie website.