The City of Tshwane will be joining other African and world film cities such as New York, London, Abuja, Toronto, Auckland, Nairobi, Los Angeles, Edinburgh and Dubai, in organising and presenting its own signature film event.

The first edition of the Tshwane One City Film Festival will be held at the South African State Theatre Pretoria, and other designated township venues across the city from 10 August to 14 August 2014.   

The main objective of the festival is to present an annual celebration of South African and African cinema from the townships and around the world.

"Our mission is to consolidate and further support the development of the South African film industry by creating a vibrant platform for networking and exhibition" said Basil Dube, the festival's founder and director.

Dube announced that well known Hollywood director, talent promoter and film entrepreneur Tanya Kersey will be in Pretoria for the festival. Tanya is also the founder and executive director of the Hollywood Black Film Festival based in LA. Through the festival, Tanya has helped discover and launch the careers of nearly 1000 independent filmmakers from over 25 countries around the world. She specializes in script development, film business and distribution strategies.

"It is confirmed, TK is coming to South Africa. Besides attending the SAFTEC Women In Film and Arts Awards, she will also be conducting a series of workshops and seminars with local writers, producers and directors as part of the festival programme. We are indeed honoured to host such a high profile personality who has worked with some of the worlds' most celebrated movie stars including Morgan Freeman, Angela Basset and Samuel L Jackson"  Dube said with excitement.

The Tshwane One City Film Festival will be presented annually to honour South African women  in film, television, theatre and music. The festival will feature documentaries, short films, African music videos, drama and feature films, as well as presenting film industry workshops and seminars for both aspiring and established filmmakers.

The festival is supported by the South African State Theatre,GMP Productions and the Federation of Pan-African Filmmakers. For more information, please contact the festival director on Telephone +27 0127533428 or 0715020564, email