National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE) 2015
22 to 25 June 2015

Dear WGSA Members & Performance Writers

Do you want to market your scripts to international players from around the world? If yes, NATPE is the global content marketplace for a digital world, and WGSA is taking 20 film and/or television performance writers to the Market and Conference in June 2015.Celebrating over 50 years of service to the ever-evolving global television industry, NATPE continues to redefine itself and the services it provides to meet the needs of its members and the industry. What has remained constant is NATPE’s commitment to encouraging the growth and supporting the success of video content development, creations, production, financing and distribution across all platforms.NATPE is committed to providing world-class destinations for program buyers and sellers.  Evolving to meet the demands of a changing media landscape, NATPE||Europe delivers a first look at fresh content held just after the LA Screenings, giving industry leaders a jump-start on monetizing their projects.  NATPE||Europe, held in the city of Prague, is a catalyst in the content revolution - providing the Central and Eastern European media industry with a dynamic market.NATPE has made it a priority to attract top buyers, increase connectivity and help maximize deal flow resulting in revenue. The 4-day Market & Screenings:
Attracted 400+ key buyers from 45+ countries

  •  From TV Channels, Broadcast Networks, Cable/Satellite Networks, Internet/Broadband/Digital/ Mobile Platfroms and  Home Entertainment
  •  152 exhibiting companiesNATPE||Europe is the companion to their highly successful Miami-based international content market held January 20-22, 2015.

To better accommodate screenings and meetings, they have adjusted the schedule: Monday and Tuesday feature studio screenings that are “invitation only.” Registration will open Monday; and the market floor will open on Tuesday. Full market days will be held on Wednesday and Thursday.In addition to increased flexibility, all market and studio screening activities are set in one convenient location.  Positioned throughout the Hilton Prague Hotel, NATPE||Europe offers a variety of exhibit options from which to choose.

Who is NATPE?

NATPE (National Association of TV Program Executives) was created as a nonprofit trade organization back in 1964.  In 2013, they celebrated their 50th year. NATPE began as a marketplace for domestic U.S. buyers and sellers of TV content mostly for broadcast TV stations.  Over the past decade, NATPE has been transformed into the #1 U.S.-based global multiplatform video content marketplace. Now, with NATPE||Miami in January and NATPE||Europe in June, they connect over 6500 TV professionals in a vibrant, transactional, global year-round marketplace.

NATPE welcomes their guests to Prague for the 2015 Market & Conference from June 22 to 25, 2015.You have the chance to attend NATPE 2015 as part of the WGSA’s application to the Department of Trade and Industry’s Group Export Sector Specific Assistance Scheme (SSAS). The DTI is doing great work to help emerging content writers promote their projects at some of the world’s top events.PLEASE NOTE that WGSA cannot guarantee that the DTI will approve the group application.

While some individuals may want to apply to the DTI directly, many writers are not in a position to cash-flow a trip and then be refunded later, as per the individual scheme. The advantage of the group scheme is that the DTI pays suppliers UP-FRONT for flights, transfers and accommodation, including breakfast and dinner. It also pays for the group’s stand at the market, the printing of brochures and the freighting of promotional materials.The group scheme is predominantly for emerging writers (60%), but a smaller contingent of experienced writers will be accepted as well. Preference will be given to previously disadvantaged applicants, especially those who have never attended an international film and script market before.

RULES:Closing date Thursday, 12h00 on 27 NOVEMBER 2014 for electronic applications

NO LATE APPLICATIONS will be considered.

  •         Please do not mail or courier original applications until the WGSA Council has approved your email application
  •         All applicants must be prepared to join the WGSA if they are not yet members, and existing members must be paid up.  Membership fees are attached
  •         Please note that this also applies to candidates applying via the NFVF
  •         A non-refundable, application fee of R350 is payable upon submission of application, and proof of payment must be submitted with the application. Please include YOUR NAME AND SURNAME/NATPE as REFERENCE. Payments without a reference cannot be assigned and your application will be unsuccessful.
  •         You will be responsible for payment of your VISA and INSURANCE

All applications with proof of payment must be emailed to admin@writersguildsa.org

Documents to be emailed along with Application:

  1. Duly completed & signed application form:
  2. Company profile as per guide on the application form if applicable – this can be done on the application form itself or separately, but must be in line with the guidelines set out on the application form. If you are a sole proprietor and not a company or cc, please attach a comprehensive CV.
  3. Proof of registration of the enterprise in the form of a CIPRO certificate if a CC or (Pty) Ltd, or a certified copy of your ID document in the case of a sole proprietor.
  4. Valid tax clearance certificate – at least valid until the end of the JUNE 2015.
  5. A logline as well as a comprehensive synopsis or treatment of your project – at this point a copy or a link to the work is sufficient. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR PROJECT IS COPYRIGHT PROTECTED. Works can be registered via the WGSA Script Registry. Please contact admin@writersguildsa.org for more details.
  6. Audited Financial Statements or bank statements for at least three months, stamped by the bank.
  7. A valid copy of the passport of the delegate who will travel to NATPE, valid until at least end SEPTEMBER 2015.

Once WGSA Council has approved the application, delegates are required to pay a non-refundable administration fee of R650. Proof of payment, identified by the NAME AND SURNAME/NATPE reference, must be emailed to admin@writersguildsa.org. Deliver original documents within the prescribed period (normally 7 days) to:
125-3rd STREET, LINDEN, JOHANNESBURG during business hours (9h00 to 17h00)All applicants will be informed by WGSA if our group application to DTI has been successful.