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The Motion Picture Editing Master Class course is aimed at young editors (particularly black editors) who are already working in the film and TV industry in various capacities, from assistant editors to those working on short to medium television programmes and films.

The four-day course will be held once a quarter with the aim of retaining the same group of participants until the end of the fourth quarter. Details of the first course are as follows:

Duration:         Four Days

Dates:             10 to 14 October 2016

Times:             08h30 - 16h30

Venue:             Big Fish school of digital, 4th Floor, 25 Owl Str, Auckland Park

Cost:               Delegate fees for 15 participants will be sponsored by the GFC

The Gauteng Film Commission (GFC) hereby invites interested participants to submit their CVs for selection to the above training course. CVs should be forwarded to Nthabeleng Phora at by 6 October 2016.

The requirements that will be considered when selecting participants for the training course are as follows:

  • Black editors already working in the film and TV industry.
  • Film school graduates who specialised in editing during their studies or would like to pursue editing as a career choice.

For further information, call 011 833 0409 or visit our website


Course content

The course will cover the entire postproduction workflow, with the main emphasis on editing:

  • Editing overview
  • Story (script breakdown and identifying the theme and genre)
  • Picture Edit
  • Sound Edit (dialogue and sound effects)
  • Score (the difference between music for film and music for other purposes.
  • How to choose and use a score as well as "incidental" and period music)
  • Foley Sound recording (its use and impact on the movie)
  • Sound Final Mix
  • Colour grading (how to choose a particular colour palette to enhance the story)
  • Final deliverables (The DCP for cinema as well as the BluRay, Digital tapes etc)

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Issued by: Gauteng Film Commission