The African Animation Network (AAN) has partnered with Ster-Kinekor Cinema Nouveau to debut an African animation short film festival called FupiToons Festival which will run parallel to DISCOP Johannesburg 2017.

Lola Gallant, Head of Alternative Content, Ster-Kinekor Theatres, said: “We’re excited about partnering with AAN for the FupiToons Festival. Cinema Nouveau is constantly looking for new and exciting alternative content for our viewers. We’re hoping that this is the start of a prosperous partnership, a celebration of African animation excellence, and a festival which can be expanded across our footprint in Sub-Saharan Africa”.

26 October, 8pm (Industry Premiere)
27 October, 8pm
28 October, 2:30pm & 8pm
29 October, 2:30pm

AAN Recruitments:
To manage the festival and calls for content, AAN has recruited a team of highly talented and experienced individuals. According to Nick Wilson, AAN Project Manager; “Our mandate at AAN is to promote excellence in African animation, not only in terms of the content we screen at FupiToons Festival but, also the talent that we recruit to our team. Thus, we are incredibly proud to be able to announce that Comfort Arthur, Clea Mallinson and Wendy Spinks will be joining our content and festival team”.

Call For Content:
FupiToons Festival is looking for the best African animated content aimed at audiences 2 to 12 years to be part of a 2 hour screening.

Closing date for submissions: 2 October, 2017.

Wendy Spinks, AAN Head of Content & Festival Director, said; "FupiToons Festival is an African first. Owing to financial constraints, the majority of animation in Africa is short form. This format of animation has never had a platform to engage audience in Africa and that makes FupiToons Festival both relevant and necessary. This is something I proudly stand behind!"



Nick Wilson
Project Manager
African Animation Network

Wendy Spinks
Head of Content & Festival Director
African Animation Network