storypodThe Storyteller Pod services international animation productions with a professional team of writers. Do you want to write on an animated series (Cartoons? Dipopaai?). Or are you going into co-production and you need to get your head around writing on a co-pro team?

We've developed THE PITCH TO SCRIPT-PROGRAMME to help you reach your goals. The best part is, if you are a writer: We recruit from THIS SPACE.

The Pitch to Script Programme

The full programme has three modules - it is recommended that you do ALL three, especially if you want to write on a Storyteller Pod-team. In each module we simulate writing on a team, you write an episode for a show... and go through your classmates' stories to REALLY get your head around episodic writing. You get live feedback and notes and grow your craft week by week.

Pitch to Script 101 - Premise

In PREMISE, we focus on getting your story straight in a presentable one pager, with a beginning-middle-end that gets your idea commissioned. You can't land the job, if your story editor or producer doesn't commission your idea.

Pitch to Script 102 - Outline

In OUTLINE, we focus on script structure. This is the blueprint of your script. You can't build a house without a plan... you can't write a script without an outline.

Pitch to Script 103 - Script

In SCRIPT, we bring your blueprint to life by focussing on characterisation. We also dive into COMEDY and get a whole lot of tools to sharpen your craft.


In 2017 the GFC sponsored 10 writers to take the programme… if you missed the opportunity, follow this link and take your career into your own hands!


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