4399 The wound posterThe Film and Publication Board (FPB) Appeal Tribunal has overturned the Board’s classification of the multiple award-winning South African film, Inxeba (The Wound) from 16LS, raising it to X18 with the classifiable elements of Sex, Language, Nudity, Violence and Prejudice. This is a classification that is typically reserved for adult films of an explicit sexual nature. A rating of X18 means that the film can only be exhibited in designated adult premises which require a special licence from the FPB to broadcast X18 films.

“We are obviously disappointed in the outcome, given how the FBP has classified an important work of art that explores themes around masculinity, love and identity as an X-rated film,” said producer Cait Pansegrouw.

“This is one of the most severe ratings a film can receive. It means that the film has been pulled from cinemas, making it impossible for people to watch it anywhere other than adult exhibition facilities,” added Helen Kuun, MD of Indigenous Film Distribution. “We have sought advice from legal representatives, who are studying the decision, and we will advise on our way forward imminently.”

The film has received criticism from members and authorities of various cultural and Christian faith communities, who are currently participating in an Indaba convened in Boksburg by the Commission for the Protection and Promotion of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities (CRL).

“We were really committed to participating in the Indaba so we could have an open dialogue and find one-another in a structured and constructive process, where all parties invited were certain of their rights and how they would be protected,” Pansegrouw said. “Unfortunately, the Commission did not provide us with the relevant details and assurances we requested to enable our participation.”

Members of the cast and the production team have been subject to threats, intimidation and assault on the basis of being insulting to various cultural and Christian faith communities.

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