PPF Gauteng would like to proudly congratulate our member Shane Maja on his new role as Acting CEO of the Gauteng Film Commission (GFC).

Shane Maja has a notably long career in the arts and culture industry. We believe he has the relevent experience and understanding of the TV & Film industry to steer the ship and bring much needed leadership and stability at GFC. He brings with him Senior Management experience fron the Gauteng Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation of which GFC falls under.

As a well known activist and a professional, we have confidence that he is the right person to rightfully represent the film industry and bring progressive steps towards the success of GFC.

PPF Gauteng wishes Mr. Maja all best in his new role.

We also like to commend the young lioness, the Honorable MEC to have taken this bold step and we would like to express our support for Mr. Maja to be appointed so that he may permanently play this role as CEO to bring stability and end the long standing Hollywood.