Persons to be appointed by the MEC of Sport, Art, Culture, and Recreation to serve on the Accounting Authority of the Gauteng Film Commission (GFC) for the period of three years.

 Position:                   Board of Directors Members

 Position Status:       Fixed Term Contract

The   Gauteng   Film   Commission   is   an   NPC   entity   within   the   Gauteng   Provincial Government under the leadership of the Department of Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation mandated with the development, promotion and coordination of the film and television production industry in Gauteng. In addition, the Gauteng Film Commission is responsible for positioning the province as a world-class destination for filmmaking as well as attracting local and international investments in the film and television industry.

In line with the Board gender balance representation requirements, nominations for South African women candidates who resides in the Gauteng Province are strongly encouraged.

 The key responsibilities

  • Steer and sets strategic direction with regards to both, the organization’s strategy, and the way in which specific governance areas are to be approached, addressed, and conducted.
  • Approves policy and planning that give effect to the strategy and set direction. 
  • Ensures accountability for organizational performance by means of, among others reporting and disclosure
  • Oversees and monitors implementation and execution by management.


  • Ensure that the role of the governing body, responsibilities, membership requirements and procedural conduct are documented in a Charter which it regularly reviews to guide its effective functioning.
  • Approve the protocol to be followed if it or any of its members or Committees need to obtain independent, external professional advice at the cost of the organization on matters within their scope of duties.
  • Approve the protocol to be followed by the non-executive members for requisitioning documentation from and setting up meetings with management.
  • Ensuring that procedures and practices are in place that protect the Gauteng Film Commissions’ assets and reputation,
  • Monitoring financial outcomes and the integrity of reporting in particular approving annual budgets and longer term strategic and business plans,
  • Ensuring that effective audit, and compliance systems are in place to protect the Gauteng Film Commission assets and to minimize the possibility of the Gauteng Film Commission operation beyond legal requirements or beyond acceptable risk parameters,
  • Monitoring compliance with regulatory requirements and ethical standards,
  • The Board is constituted in such a manner as to represent the interests of Government and all business stakeholders.


  • B-degree or equivalent is a requirement.
  • Post Graduate Qualification in SMME support, Media, Financial Management, Art and Culture, Marketing, and Corporate Governance is a requirement.                                                                        


  • Experience in an executive level.
  • Board experience is an advantage.
  • Human Resource Development.
  • Financial Management, Auditing and Legal.
  • Corporate Governance strategy and ethics.
  • Public Sector experience is an advantage.
  • Sound knowledge of PFMA, Treasury Regulations, GRAP standards, PPPFA and Public Finance and Governance.

Key skills and competencies

  • Leadership
  • Strategic thinker and problem solver.
  • Understanding of audiovisual environment
  • Excellent interpersonal skills to navigate relationship
  • Fairness
  • Decisiveness and insightfulness
  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Competence
  • Responsibility
  • Transparency

Applications must be made on the prescribed form, must contain a full motivation, an ID copy, Curriculum Vitae and the full name and address of the candidate.

The successful candidate will be subject to a competency-based assessment as well as security vetting processes.  Certified copies of educational qualifications must be made available on request.

Closing date:

Please send your application no later than 15th January 2021 and note that if you have not received any feedback on your application within one month after the closing date of the advertisement, you should regard your application as being unsuccessful.

Given the employment equity policy of Gauteng Film Commission, preference will be given to suitable candidates from the designated groups.  Applications must be emailed to

Download: Declaration of interest

Download: Nomination of Candidate for Appointment as a member of GFC Board