Lexy Productions once again is casting for their next project and keeping in line with our core belief, we are doing our part in making sure that we open up the industry. We are looking for talented people to embody our characters and breathe life into our short film.We are looking for Zulu speaking actors to lend their talent to our characters.

If you are auditioning for Loyiso and Sokhulu please do the monologue on the link plus the monologue at the end for the character you choose.

Loyiso: a 23 year old gay man. Life has not been kind to him and it takes a lot for him to say or vocalize his feelings which often times lead to tears. An actor auditioning for this role should not be afraid to show us emotions. Here is the monologue (please mix English and IsiZulu in your version of your audition): https://youtu.be/UOFDbnmiVMs

Sokhulu: 25 years old. Tough. Sharp tongue, he speaks his mind and he isn’t afraid to get physical. He has anger issues and he is homophobic. Suffers from daddy issues.. Actor shouldn’t be afraid to use emotion and sharp words/slurs. Remember the power of this character is that duality he has, we hate him but also understand and feel sorry for him. We need someone to convince us that they are tough and abrasive yet be gentle and emotional.. IMPORTANT: Sokhulu has a cold tone with his voice, even when he is emotional, that tone is still there. Here are the monologues (please choose one on the link and mix IsiZulu in your version of your audition): https://youtu.be/bwVM-W921S0 or https://youtu.be/MsWlktW0kj4

Getty: 50 year old. The past few years she has suffered unprecedented loss. She is not emotionally stable. She knows how to use her words to say exactly what she wants. Due to the loss she has suffered, she speaks more gentler now. Behind her every word there is intention. There is conviction and also there is fear that she will be misunderstood. Monologue: https://youtu.be/8SW0W7L4vRc or https://youtu.be/WWKcBD0Uagw requirement is that find places to mix IsiZulu into and it should sound natural.

All Actors/Agent are to send their audition videos to: Lexyproduction@gmail.com by no later than 08 October 2021 at 17:00pm. All auditions received after this date will not be viewed. If the videos are too big, please email us a link to where we can watch it.Additional Monologue ONLY for LOYISO and SOKHULU. If you are auditioning for Loyiso please choose his monologue below and if you auditioning for Sokhulu please choose his monologue. Feel free to add IsiZulu where you are comfortable.

1. LOYISO: Last night was the same as many nights before. I couldn’t sleep. I kept tossing and turning, hoping that my mind would make some sense of it all. The pain, the trauma, the hate. The shame. I think I reached my lowest when I, thought about dying – killing myself,
(Fighting back tears)

but I was just too much of a coward to go through with it – but I thought about it, I felt so much shame that you hated me because of something I couldn’t change. Something I couldn’t fix because according to you mom, according to you, I am broken. Damaged goods. Unworthy. I kept hoping that I would understand why you could hurt me so much as your child, why hurt me the way you did but each time I, I think about it – each time I see it, it all becomes a blur. It becomes a blur because I cannot for a second seem to understand why your love for me was not unconditional – I don’t. You’re my mother, your love was something I was supposed to use as a reference point, to lay a foundation for what I could one day experience when I go out into the world. It was. But the reference it gave me was that I am unlovable, all because of who I am. Of who I didn’t choose to be. Mom. But I cannot seem to unbreak my heart. I cannot heal it, all the damn time I think I am over you and dad disowning me, each time a milestone comes around, mother’s day for example – I cry because I remember that my mother never loved me. And do you wanna know what the funny part is mom? The funny part is that Through all the trauma you put me through, I still cannot hate you. I still cannot love you any less. So.

(Long pause fighting back tears)

I forgive you. I. Forgive. You.

2. SOKHULU:you are my brother. I spent most of it living in your shadow. Most of it trying to be better than you, stronger than you. Smarter than you baby brother because our parents always used you as something that I should aspire to be and achieve. It’s funny because you’re my baby brother and usually it’s you who must escape my shadow. But you were the model child. I wanted you dead so many times… … you know, there was a time when we were kids, I was ten you were 8 I think and we were at this pool swimming and a thought crossed my mind. To drown you. Yes. It did come but I couldn’t seem to do it because I had lived 8 years of my life trying to get back what I lost when you come to this world – my parents. I knew if you died that day, I would have had to live the rest of my life living up to the perfect, dead. son. So, I couldn’t do that. So when you told them that you were a faggot I thought ‘the lord has answered my prayers. Now the degenerate would be cast out'. I was happy and for a brief moment, for a brief moment - my thoughts came true. Oh they did. You were gone. Dead to them but. After that I realized that Dad now wanted me to be a better version of you. He tried to shape me. Make me into you! And you, you I became. I lost myself, I assimilated into you. But you – you I couldn’t attain, I couldn’t live up to you. So I saw dad die whilst still alive. I saw their relationship ending because you Loyiso their favourite son broke their heart. So. Again. You took my family from me. WHAT IS IT ABOUT YOU?! Huh. What? But today.
(He smiles)
I kill you for good.

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