Role of the GFC

The Gauteng Film Commission offers the following professional services to the film industry:

  • Logistics support - for example, permit facilitation
  • Content development support
  • Funding and advisory services
  • Skills development
  • Marketing
  • Research and market intelligence
  • Information dissemination
  • Lobbying and advisory

The core business of the Gauteng Film Commission is to facilitate and enhance the contribution of the industry to the economic growth of the province. It has an important role to play in enhancing Gauteng’s competitiveness and in driving job creation and economic growth.

In line with these priorities, the GFC is investing more heavily in Industry Support and Development (ISD) projects that support training and skills development, develop local content and grow local audiences – all contributing to emphasising local job creation in the province.

The GFC believes strongly in the importance of a collaborative industry process. For the past two years, the GFC has been working with local independent filmmakers around introducing creative content creation that is linked to an alternative distribution model. This has resulted in projects such as Jerusalema and White Wedding which have shown that local demand not only exists but that local films can be financially viable as a result of this demand.

With the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) rebate now in place, far more opportunities also exist for local filmmakers working in the R2.5-million to R10-million (US$350 000 to $1.4-million) budget bracket. The GFC has increased the scale of its support to low-budget independent filmmakers who do not qualify for the DTI rebate as well as low budget filmmakers working in the R2.5-million to R10-million bracket that need support in order to develop, complete or distribute their projects.

As an immediate stimulus, the GFC announced in September 2009 that it would fund the production of production-ready low-budget feature films as a slate of films, calling on Gauteng-based filmmakers to submit film projects for consideration.

The GFC supports “Made in Gauteng” projects and practitioners by providing:

  • development funds for features, drama, documentary and digital media
  • production assistance in targeted initiatives, one-off projects, or in collaboration with broadcasters or other funding entities
  • grant funding for internships, mentorship and training programs with more experienced practitioners
  • support to projects that enhance employment and professional development opportunities, and the creation of a vibrant screen sector for independent filmmakers

Content development support

The GFC aims to significantly increase the number of participants involved in the development, production and distribution of independently made films in order to realise the sector’s full job preservation and creation potential.

Another priority is to transform the sector and increase ownership and participation by black filmmakers, young filmmakers and female filmmakers by facilitating and coordinating the development of a film incubation model or centre and related enterprise support programmes.

Funding and advisory services

The GFC offers advisory services to the industry in a form of inputting on strategic direction the film must employ when completed. It also facilitates the acquisition of finance for the completion of film projects beyond GFC’s limitation.

The commission works to unlock government-based finance for the Gauteng film industry, and to establish useful relationships with both local and international stakeholders.