Food vendor in Diagonal Street
A food vendor in Diagonal Street, Johannesburg.

The Gauteng Film Commission has a number of initiatives to expand the market for locally made film within South Africa. These include film viewing and debates in non-traditional venues, film clubs at tertiary institutions, screenings in townships, training initiatives, and projects with a specific focus on gender, the youth and people with disabilities.

Monthly Film Viewing and Debates

  • Screening films at non-traditional viewing venues that provide highly refined experience of cutting-edge cultural innovations in art and entertainment within an imaginative atmosphere.
  • Creating a platform for filmmakers in the area to interact with audiences

Township Bioscope Screenings

  • Create a platform for filmmakers to showcase their work
  • Foster the appreciation of local content among cinema goers
  • Facilitate the growth of a cinema appreciation culture
  • Increase investor confidence in local content
  • Empower individuals to become active economic participants in the film industry

Gender, Youth and Disability Projects


  • Promote gender equality through screenings
  • Invite expects on gender issues
  • Partnership with gender organisation


  • Film as a career
  • Higher learning institution film clubs
  • Film exhibitions
  • Partnership with youth development institutions


  • Identify disability schools and organizations
  • Screen content that will not only entertain also to empower them
  • Road shows with disabled filmmaker and professional disabled persons to inspire learners.