Web-based resource site Realtime Resources is on a concerted drive to encourage industry-related learners and students to register on the site through their respective learning institutions.

The site offers a specific section dedicated to learners and registration on this password protected portion of the site will be by means of a student number and name of learning institution. The intention is also to offer learners exclusive offerings which will include Internships, employment on shoots and part time work during the vacation periods.

There will also be other value added benefits such as:

  • Special offers targeted at learners only (these will include courses, equipment, discounted use of rental equipment and facilities etc.)
  • Specific information about production both current and scheduled for the future,
  • Information regarding potential vacation employment
  • Technical information regarding new products and equipment
  • Ability to communicate with other learners in other learning institutions around the country on issues of a common nature
  • Exposure to the industry in general, thereby ensuring that potential internships/work opportunities are not missed.

Several learning instructions have already been canvassed, with the response being positive. It is estimated that there are well over 2 000 students throughout the country at institutions, and several of these institutions have indicated willingness to participate. All that is required for subscription to the learners portal is name, e-mail address, the name of learning institution, student number, course description and year of study.

Realtime Resources currently has 130 producers registered on the site and there are some 1 500 resources registered across 130 categories.

A further addition to the website is the inclusion of breaking industry news, which is supplied by the news and information website hosted by Screen Africa.

For further information, to comment, and or queries go to www.realtimeresources.co.za