A local film that is neither the raucous slapstick of Schuster nor the grim horrors of a Tsotsi or Jerusalema, White Wedding, is set to grace our screens in early May.

On set of White Wedding
A romantic comedy, White Wedding stars inimitable talents - Rapulana Seiphemo (Jerusalema), Kenneth Nkosi (Tsotsi) and, from the UK, Venus star Jodie Whittaker.

Described as a “smart, appealing, breezy and invigorating” film, White Wedding heralds Jann Turner’s arrival in feature film directing.

It is a high-spirited romantic movie that takes place all over South Africa from bustling Johannesburg and tropical Durban to the luscious Eastern Cape and dazzling Cape Town.

White Wedding marks a change from the raucous slapstick of Schuster and the grim horrors of a Tsotsi or Jerusalema. The film will surely be welcomed by enthusiasts of the inimitable acting talents of Nkosi and Seiphemo,” said publicist Joy Seiphemo.

The loyal, committed and very decent Elvis (Kenneth Nkosi) leaves Johannesburg en route to pick up his best friend and best man Tumi (Rapulana Seiphemo) in Durban. The two will then journey on to Cape Town to begin rehearsals for Elvis’s wedding to the beautiful Ayanda (Zandile Msutwana) at an upmarket hotel in Camps Bay.

But things don’t go according to plan. Tumi, a serial flirt, has a spat with his girlfriend that leads to his car being rendered unusable; eventually the duo get on their way but Tumi’s short-cuts don’t end up making up for lost time.

As Tumi and Elvis struggle to find their way through the Eastern Cape they are picked up by Rose (Jodie Whittaker), a young English doctor who fled the altar after discovering her fiancée was serially unfaithful to her. Now there’s an unlikely trio on the road, with romantic sparks igniting between the flirtatious Tumi and their spirited British companion.

Conceptualisation of White Wedding began when director Jann Turner met co-stars Nkosi and Seiphemo while directing South Africa’s soap opera Isidingo.

The three talents then collaborated on the screenplay which is now an appealing, feel-good movie about love, commitment, intimacy and friendship. Uplifting and at times uproarious this is a movie that affirms the dream that romance can overcome any obstacle.

Kenneth Nkosi (Elvis), well known in South Africa as a leading television presenter, trained at the Market Theatre and has appeared in countless Market Theatre productions both locally and abroad. Co-creator of Mzansi, co-producer of its second season, he has his own TV show, has also taken many television roles and is one of the gang in Gavin Hood’s much acclaimed Tsotsi.

Rapulana Seiphemo (Tumi) is among South Africa’s best-known stars of stage and screen. He started acting at university, has played in Market Theatre productions in Europe, America and has taken lead roles in three major television series and numerous films. One of the creators of SABC TV’s Mzansi, he starred in the Oscar winning Tsotsi and FESPCAO winner Jerusalema.

Director Jann Turner has written and directed hundreds of hours of television and White Wedding is her feature directorial debut. She has also made award-winning documentaries. A graduate of NYU’s Grad Film School she has also directed soaps, dramas and written numerous television scripts. She is the co-creator of Mzansi and also the SABC3 drama series Hard Copy which won the SAFTA Award for Best TV drama.

White Wedding is a Stepping Stone Pictures Production directed by Jann Turner with Ken Follet as executive producer.

The Gauteng Film Commission, as part of its drive to develop strong local talent and content, has given support to the film.