22 year-old Gauteng young filmmaker, Richard Likunku, is concerned that there is no actors� union in the region. �We should have an actors� union that is funded by the government so we can get necessary benefits such as medical aid.�

To him, the acting profession is �hard work and it�s definitely not for the faint hearted, you have to be born for it!�

Among his role models are local stars such as Rapulana Seiphemo, Ian Roberts and Menzi Ngubane.

�I really like these guys because of their work ethic and because 99.9 percent of the time in a scene they make the right choices. And you really feel them because it�s all about the feeling.�

Likunku has won an award at this year�s Bafundi Film and TV Festival for the film Men of the Number in which he plays Bandile, the gang leader.

His view is that acting standards in Gauteng are �very good; we are very talented it�s just that at the moment there aren�t enough productions to showcase our talents.�

His dream film project would be to portray Shaka Zulu: �One day, I�m gonna play Shaka Zulu in a big budget and I also would love to play Mobuthu Sese Seko, the Congolese dictator, one day...�

With many actors and actresses having turned to producing their own work, will he also go that route? �I�m moving into writing soon; my girlfriend and I are busy writing a 24 minute movie which we want to make next year.�

Likunku studied at AFDA, Auckland Park and graduated in Live Performance last year.