Mango Groove, one of SA�s iconic bands of the 1990s, is recording their first album in over 10 years � and they�re back recording at Audio Lab studios in Blairgowrie, Randburg, where their first two, multi-platinum albums were produced.

Mango Groove�s career has spanned an exciting and turbulent time in South Africa�s history. Since its first multi-platinum release in 1989, the band, together with charismatic lead singer Claire Johnston, went on to become a household name in South Africa. To date, Mango Groove has sold over 750 000 albums locally alone, and in terms of its airplay across all radio and TV stations, continues to be an act that reaches the hearts of all South Africans.

Founder member John Leyden is producing the album, with Neal Snyman engineering it.
Johnston is enthusiastic: �It all just seemed right. A whole lot of things came together, and the signs were all there. We are hugely excited about this album.�

While Johnston is perhaps best known to music fans as the voice and face of Mango Groove, in parallel with her Mango Groove career she has pursued a variety of successful solo projects that have made her much loved in her own right, and that have reinforced her status as a South African entertainment icon. This new album is however true Mango Groove.

�The whole process has been amazing,� says Leyden. �It has come together surprisingly quickly after such a long break. We have been writing like demons (very much the key writing team of the original albums), and have been having huge fun recording the stuff.

�This is very much a �back to basics� album, in the tradition of the first two albums, and the familiar Mango Groove ingredients are all there: SA urban �50�s Big Band influences feeding into contemporary global pop sounds, lots of live and ambient stuff, and lots of noise and silliness!�

Leyden adds further: �We have not taken ourselves too seriously on this project, and the result is something very honest, very true and instantly familiar. Mango Groove has always been about creating a big, celebratory sound, and we feel that this is something we have properly captured on this project. Quite simply, and for good or for bad, nothing sounds quite like Mango Groove, and this is what we feel is a key strength of this album.�

The album is due for release this month (August). As Leyden explains: �EMI South Africa has committed a huge awareness campaign to the release, and we will be backing this up after Christmas with a big, high production SA tour, also our first in many years.�