Flesh, a television drama series conceived by local content developer Spacegrow, has attracted interest from international channels and distributors at the recent MIPCOM in Cannes, France.


Cast members of Flesh
The series - a suspense drama about a spree of shocking serial killings in Cape Town, South Africa - was initiated in January 2009 and a pilot episode was shot in Johannesburg and Cape Town in July 2009.


Spacegrow chose well-respected South African screenwriter and producer Franz Marx to produce the thriller. Responsible for acclaimed long-form television content since 1979, Marx studied novel and telenovela formats in Rio de Janeiro and the United States. In order to ensure that the content would appeal to an international market, Spacegrow and Marx also engaged the services of a number of well-regarded consultant producers in the United States.

"The development process was fairly complicated," says Spacegrow's Morne Ebersohn, "especially due to the fact that the preferences of various television markets often differ in quite subtle ways."

Initial screenings at the 2009 MIPCOM in Cannes, France, met with unanimous interest and support from distributors and broadcasters in markets as diverse as the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States.

"We were extremely encouraged by the level of interest," says Ebersohn. "We had thought that the approach would require substantial tweaking to be appropriate for various markets, but it seems that we succeeded in taking viewer preferences into account early enough in the development process."

Spacegrow is currently engaged in distribution and broadcast discussions with a view to releasing Flesh in a number of markets. "We know that the story works, and that it translates well across market boundaries," says Ebersohn. "The key issue now is whether we can come to agreement with distributors and broadcasters that satisfy the commercial imperatives of all concerned."

More information about Flesh can be obtained at www.fleshseries.tv