Academy Award nominee Director Darrell James Roodt's latest movie, Lullaby,  was released nationally in January. A fast-paced drug thriller, set in downtown Johannesburg and Hillbrow,

Darrell Roodt and Heinrich Dahms
Lullaby could have taken place anywhere in the world, says the movie's producer, Anton Ernst.

"The story is quite gritty and, although it reflects a sad aspect of South African life, it could have taken place anywhere in the world. The question we hope the movie raises with people who watch it is what they, themselves would do for the love of their own child."

An American mother receives word that her drug addled son has been kidnapped by a drug lord operating in South Africa. T-Boy, a drug lord, is holding him hostage and will kill him if his mother doesn't pay the money owed. There is nothing a mother would not do to save her child.

Reviewing the film in Independent Newspaper's Tonight, Atiyyah Khan wrote: 'Nail-biting chase scenes show vivid imagery of the street culture in Johannesburg. There is nothing pleasant about this film, nor does it provide much in the way of escapism.

"Downtown Jozi is portrayed accurately and shows the desperation of an ugly inner city plagued by poverty, crime, prostitution and drugs Lullaby is edgy, but it had the potential to be completely shattering, yet it falls short of this."

Roodt's film Yesterday won numerous international awards and was selected as one of the contenders for best Foreign Language Film at the 2005 Academy Awards. His career spans some three decades and he has directed some of South Africa's most loved motion pictures including Cry, the Beloved Country and Sarafina.