In Focus spoke to Mark Veltman, production manager of Egg Films, about the recent Coca Cola commercial shot at Orlando Stadium, Wits Dance Studio, Triomf Park in Sophiatown, Melville Koppies and the Coca Cola factory in Nigel.  This was the first big commercial shoot to be filmed at the new stadium.

In Focus: What inspired the agency to shoot in Gauteng?
Veltman: The aim was to shoot our commercial in one of the stadiums for the Confederations Cup and Johannesburg�s stadiums are in a good place structure-wise with all the building and developing that is happening for the World Cup.

In Focus: Where in Gauteng did you shoot?
Veltman: We shot at Orlando Stadium for the main 60� and 45� TV commercials.  We then shot at Wits Dance Studio with Lebo M, Triomf Park in Sophiatown with Teko Modisa, Melville Koppies with Mandla from Orlando Pirates, and then at the Coca Cola factory in Nigel.

In Focus: How long did the shoot take?
Veltman: The Cape Town production team was in Johannesburg for 7 weeks.  We shot 3 night shoots for the 45� and 60� ads. A week later we shot two of the 20� ads, followed by another two a week later and then the final one a week later.

In Focus: How were the locations for the shoot?
Veltman: Shooting at Orlando was great but did have its challenges as the Johannesburg City Council still controls the stadium and hasn�t handed over to the stadium management as yet. This proved to be difficult as there wasn�t a set representative to authorise questions or requests while we were on location.

In Focus: What role did the Gauteng Film Commission play?
Veltman: They managed to secure the Triomf Park location for us.

In Focus: When will the commercials be screened?
Veltman: The 45� and the 20� are currently on air while the 60� was scheduled to go on air on 1 June 2009.

In Focus: How many crew members were involved in making sure that the shoot is a success?
Veltman: We had 120 crew members on set, with over 30 cast members and 300 extras every night.

In Focus: What was the response from the community?
Veltman: The community in Orlando were very inquisitive to what was happening in their beloved new stadium at night. There were lots of people wanting to get into the stadium to see what was happening.

In Focus:  What was different about the location you chose?
Veltman: The fact that we were the first big commercial to be shot at Orlando Stadium.  It�s always interesting doing a shoot at a location that has never experienced filming � sometimes it�s in your favour; sometimes it turns out to be very tricky.