Training is key if we want to leverage the abundance of available Gauteng talent. So says Mpumelelo Mayiyane, an upcoming actress, who warns that many aspiring actors may not make it if they do not receive proper industry training.


Mpumelelo Mayiyane
She believes that Gauteng has loads of talent but a lot of training and hard work is required, particularly for self-taught actors, before this talent can be actualised. "There is undeniably a lot of talent yet I would encourage aspiring actors to get some training in acting. I believe it builds actors who go on to become legends in our province to create work that is respected beyond what the public might see of them.


"Training is important if you want to be the best at what you do. It teaches you to aspire to greater heights than what others might have accomplished because you have the tools. Training also builds confidence which is needed in an industry that is so cut throat."

The actress also opened her heart out on the quality of acting in South Africa at the moment saying, "I believe that we are well on our way there."  

Mayiyane, who juggles her time between higher education and professional engagements, is currently working on a short film called Slow Day and another called A Time without Love.

On the whole, she believes that the film industry in Gauteng is not offering enough jobs to the acting fraternity. "I don't know if it's a lack of money or a lack of writers in our country or just the same faces being used over and over again."