The Eastman Kodak Company has unveiled the latest product offering in its Vision3 technology platform: by extending the Vision3, Kodak is giving customers more workflow efficiencies combined with all the existing advantages of film-image quality, resolution, unrivalled dynamic range, flexibility and achievability. Kodak now offer Vision3 in both 500T and 250D speeds, enabling more creative options in a wider variety of lighting conditions.


Christian Ritcher and Mandy Campbell-Miller of Kodak
Both the Vision3 500T and 250D stocks were demonstrated recently at the Film Lab in Johannesburg. Present at the launch were Mandy Campbell-Miller, Customer Support Manager KODAK Entertainment Imaging and Christian Richter, Manager Sub-Saharan Africa.

"Cinematographers around the world have tested the new emulsion in extensive dynamic range environments, including overexposing the negative in extreme, bright-light situations," said Richter, adding that "despite today's digital hype, film remains the state-of-the-art image capture format available. It enables filmmakers to work without compromise, to bring their vision to life in a way that no other medium can match."

At the launch, a discussion as well as a demonstration of the stock in the preview theatre took place, before an audience of DOP's and filmmakers. Richter explained: "The Kodak Vision3 250D Colour Negative Film 5207/7207 sets a new standard in filmmaking. Now the Vision3 film platform takes another leap forward with Kodak Vision3 250D Film: a medium-speed daylight-balanced emulsion that incorporates all the remarkable performance attributes of Kodak Vision3 500T Colour Negative Film. Vision3 Films offer extended highlight latitude, revealing more detail in the extremes, letting you move faster on the set and pull more detail out of high exposure areas in post.

"Kodak's Advanced Dye Layering Technology (DLT) allows you to push the boundaries of exposure and still get outstanding results. You are able to go into post with the outstanding latitude of Vision3 Films and take full advantage of the control and flexibility of the digital intermediate process.

"With Kodak Vision3 250D Film you get state-of-the-art image quality, greater flexibility on set, seamless integration with the DI workflow and the proven, long-term archival capabilities only film provides. Why try to emulate film when you can have the real thing?"

The newest additions to the family are designed to retain the richness in colours and contrast that are characteristic of Kodak Vision3 technology with more details in the extreme highlight areas. Like Kodak Vision3 500T 5219/7219, the new film also incorporates proprietary Advanced DLT, which renders finer grain images in underexposed areas and produces cleaner film-to-digital transfers for postproduction. Complementary to the 500T product, this new medium-speed, daylight-balanced emulsion offers exceptional imaging in natural daylight, artificial daylight, and a variety of mixed lighting situations, while maintaining pleasing flesh tones and colour reproduction.

Kodak Vision3 250D 5207/7207 and Kodak Vision3 500T/5219/7219 Colour Negative Films are now available in 35 mm and Super 16 formats.