A useful and innovative on-line script registration service has been launched by Ants Multimedia Entertainment. Filmmakers and writers can now register their scripts and literary work to have proof of date of creation should ownership of the work come into question.

Script registration offers protection to filmmakers and writers for work that is not yet published. It provides filmmakers with evidence of priority of ownership by establishing the completion date of their work. This evidence is crucial in a legal dispute of ownership, and it is important that filmmakers and writers ascertain proof of ownership prior to sharing the work with anyone.

"Such a service has never existed in the country and we certainly need the protection," comments Uzanenkosi Mahlangu, creative activist and managing director of Ants Multimedia Entertainment.

"With the current commissioning system, ideas tend to get lost in the system and when similar content makes its way onto the screen, stage or shelves, there is no recourse available to filmmakers and writers. This is a big step in the growth and development of an industry and an empowering one for both filmmakers and writers."

Pitchit is an on-line service which sells television and film concepts and content to the local and international television and film community. The script registration service is important not only within the country, but also in the context of the magnitude of exposure that the website affords the pitches posted on it.

"Ants is a company getting to the future first, as Pitchit has proven. We are always looking ahead to find solutions for whatever challenges we meet up with when we get there," says Mahlangu. "Once we have opened up the possibilities, we find ourselves in a position where we have to take on the responsibilities that come with them. Playing on the international field requires us to be prepared to play in international terms. Ants is ready."

Pitchit is already accepting pitch and registration submissions. For more information refer to www.pitchit.co.za or contact info@pitchit.co.za