Partners Falk Eggert and Tim Wege have formed a new company in South Africa, manufacturing a lightweight portable dolly system aimed at the video and documentary market.

Locally made Fly-Dolly
The dolly is a compact, affordable tracking camera dolly system which has just been released. Specially developed for the video market and designed to accept any tripod and camera configuration from a PD 150 to a fully dressed HD-Cam, the Fly-Dolly offers a low cost solution for creating high value, vibration-free tracking shots. Smooth tracking, on 12 bearings over seamless aluminium tracks adds huge production value.

Eggert explains: �We have come up with our own design of the fly-dolly system, making it durable and easy to pack. We are extremely pleased with the engineering of the tracks, which are seamless and screw together, making the joints hardly visible.

�I don�t believe there is anything in South Africa that fills this role and it�s proving to be extremely popular already. We started selling only two weeks ago and so far, sales are beyond our expectations with numerous inquiries coming in as well,� says Eggert.

With ease of use in mind, the Fly-Dolly is designed for crews in need of high performance and time saving utility. The quick set up and compact travel format make the Fly-Dolly ideal for filming: documentaries, lifestyle programs and music videos. The quick and easy dolly gives interviews a dynamic edge and a high-end feel to corporate and industrial films. The Fly-Dolly is a simple, durable piece of kit, rapidly becoming a standard item in the gear list of modern production crews.

�It comes in a compact flight case,� explains Eggert, �and weighs in at under ten kilograms so it�s extremely light. It is unique in that you walk next to it as opposed to the conventional ride on dolly. I first saw this design on the internet, and I picked up on the design features and decided to make my own. It�s a professionally engineered unit with laser cut holes and is beautifully presented - and it�s a reasonable price.�

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