Sun City. Margate. Cape Town. Where to next? Maybe the Loeries has found a home. With the after-party advertising crowd liberally tossing their names in the gutter, Long Street has never been so glam�, but please, please, Loerie dudes, don't nest in the Good Hope Centre. No size of red carpet could spruce up that venue as a location for the gala event. It could have been saved by a spectacular stage show and visual display but the most people seem to remember were epilepsy-inducing strobe lights complemented by the cleavage displayed by one of the presenters. Somehow a tent on a sport field in Margate seemed to contain more wonders.

The winning entries themselves struggled to make up for things. Print Media, Communication Design and the Student Awards on Friday had a few highlights but the amount of awards given to print left many wondering why they had never seen many of the entries in the media. I've heard it said that Print has become the haute couture of advertising and was impressed by the lavish amounts of time and effort spent on a media that is steadily waning.

That said, the Grand Prix Winner for Outdoor, Ambient and Posters was outstanding. The campaign printed messages on worthless Zimbabwean Dollars pasted up as posters, billboards and used individually as hand outs to generate awareness of the coutnry's economic plight for the newspaper The Zimbabwean. The effectiveness of creative thinking shone through. As sparse as the media placement was for this campaign, the word of mouth it generated was very effective. Hats off to TBWA Hunt Lascaris in Joburg for that one.

The student award entries were hardly displayed which seemed unfair for the budding creatives, who could certainly use this event as a springboard for their careers, while the design category was hard to take in with the limited display and time allowed on the screens. But one has to move the show along�

Saturday night would have been of more interest to readers of this newsletter as the TV, Radio, Digital and Online advertising winners were awarded. It was a relief to see work that is familiar, a sign that TV is alive and well. The Chicken Licken Campaign by Naledi Network was a fun highlight and seems to be taking up where Nandos left off, but with a finer comedic slant. Bakers Biscuits from Ogilvy Johannesburg showed off the wonderful animation skills of Black Ginger and Shy the Sun. One of only two gold winners in the TV category was Ogilvy Cape Town's VW ad, Cheetah. If you don't know the ad, a game ranger at a rehabilitation centre for injured animals takes a three legged cheetah for a ride in her spanking new VW Golf, just so it can appreciate the sensation of speed once again. But they chose to follow a documentary format for this totally unbelievable story - by their nature, documentaries are based on fact. So why does a game ranger who lives and works at the end of a dirt road drive a VW Golf? And how is this possible if the car hadn't been launched at the time of the filming? And why is it that the game ranger's voice over sounds like a shameful advertising punt? It's so flawed the ad deserves a documentary study of its own.

Relief came in the form of Ogilvy Joburg�s Campaign for BP 2010. A remarkably fun take on South African culture in the build up to the World Cup, for which BP is a sponsor. It�s simple, clever and funny. Take a football field and pit different cultures against each other in a fun game of footie. Car Guards take on Boytjies. Diva�s tackle Taxi Drivers. Magic stuff.

To round off, radio was generally quite poor in standard except for the Grand Prix winner for Virgin Atlantic by Naledi Network. The digital category was simply a blur as one cannot truly appreciate an interactive medium in that format, but it is clear the South African online specialists are steadily improving despite our ridiculously slow bandwidth.

Best thing about the Loeries? Winners or Losers love an after party. This year was one of the best.