Promax/BDA Africa Conference and Awards, regarded as the only conference on the continent that talks specifically to the television promotions and marketing community, expects around 250 delegates to attend this year�s event scheduled for next month (17 October 2009).

Vanessa Sheldrick
Vanessa Sheldrick, Conference Director for Promax/BDA, says: �Every Promax/BDA annual conference brings together creative minds, exploring the future direction of our industry.�World renowned futurist and keynote speaker at the European Broadcasters Union (EBU) in Switzerland this year, Herman Konings, will be in attendance at the Sandton Convention Centre. He will provide invaluable information on the changing social habits of audiences, how to reach them in the future, what new technology to expect, including, says Sheldrick, �an invention not more than five years away that will be bigger than the mobile phone.�

Established in 1955, PROMAX is the world's premier body for promotion and marketing professionals working in electronic and broadcast media. BDA is the world's leading association of broadcast and multimedia designers.

Promax/BDA membership ranges from senior executives and producers in television, radio and digital media to the designers who market, advertise and strengthen the identity of companies and their output.

According to Sheldrick, training sessions at Promax/BDA Africa are designed to deliver two very tangible results � �firstly, information, inspiration, and practical advice that can be put into practice immediately; and secondly, highly valuable input from experts on the future of the industry and the steps we should be taking to ensure our successful role in that future.

�This year�s Promax/BDA event is about delivering the insight and information that inspires unique ideas and opportunities that drive new revenues in the television business,� explains Sheldrick. �We recognize that our delegates are faced with hard choices regarding the events they attend, and we believe that this year, Promax/BDA is the conference that will send attendees back to their offices reinvigorated, energised and bursting with business ideas and marketing plans that build the bottom line.�

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