The National Film and Video Foundation is looking into the economic impact of the industry, and has commissioned research to be done. All stakeholders are asked to co-operate.


The value of the film industry to the economy is being examined by the National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF), which has commissioned Deloitte & Touche to undertake a baseline study of the economic impact of the sector.

The study is already under way, and is scheduled to be completed by the end of March 2013. To achieve its objective to develop and promote the sector, one of the foundation's functions is to investigate any area of the film and video industry, as provided for in the NFVF Act.

Given this, the NFVF urges stakeholders to support the study and co-operate with Deloitte & Touche so that it can collect information that is critical to the research across the film value chain.

"Following the 10-year review of the South African film and video industry that the NFVF conducted in collaboration with Tshwane University of Technology in 2010, which revealed some milestones and challenges the industry faced in the past 10 years," explains Zama Mkosi, the foundation's chief executive, "we are now looking at gathering data that will help us develop appropriate strategies for facilitating steady development of the film sector. This is to enhance the audio visual sector's contributions to the [gross domestic product] and show it as an important player in the economy. We therefore request all relevant industry players co-operate."

Terms of reference for the study outlined by the NFVF include:

• Full value chain analysis of the film industry – development, production, post production and distribution; and

• Turnover of the industry in terms of the following indicators:

o Size of the industry;

o Number of companies that are doing business in the industry;

o Number of individuals employed in the industry (permanent and freelance);

o Direct and indirect taxes that the industry pays; and

o Economic multiplier effect.

Detailed terms of reference of the study are available from the NFVF. For more information about the research, contact Tsietsi Themane on or 011 483 0880.