I Don't

A wave of awareness is about to impact the nation in the form of a film poised to change our world.

According to a Gender Links study over half the women of Gauteng – 51.1 % – have experienced some form of abuse (emotional, economic, physical or sexual) in their lifetime, and 75.5 % of men in the province admit to perpetrating some form of violence against women.

“Domestic violence is a complex problem with no easy solution. It will affect roughly one in three women at some point in their lives, which makes it one of the most prevalent global problems.” – Reese Witherspoon, actor and ambassador for the Avon Foundation for Women, Marie Claire, November 2011

The premise

I Don’t…!, the first film in a trilogy A Love Promised, is producer Nonkululeko Ndlovu’s latest labour of love … or rather a passion not to be denied!

After becoming intimately acquainted with the dreadful, seemingly ever-growing scourge of domestic abuse in South Africa, Nonkululeko, an accomplished actor and producer, decided to jump in and put her convictions and passion out there on the big screen where it can do good and change lives.

The movie

A feature film, I Don’t…! is the story of Mpumi Mkhize (Nonkululeko Ndlovu), wife to Themba Mkhize (Tazz Nginda) and mother of daughter, Nomsa Mkhize (Gabby Rayners). The film climbs into Mpumi’s world from her wedding day up to the day when she realises to her horror that some vows should be broken ...

The film is not shy to go where most fear to tread, hurtling the audience into the world of love, marriage, abuse, betrayal and finally the discovery of self and the power to overcome and choose life over abuse.

Mpumi Mkhize is in love. Firmly believing she is blessed enough to marry her perfect man, she finds happiness to be hers for the plucking until the first time he lifts his fist against her.

Mpumi notices, to her extreme discomfort, that somebody is watching her. She is watchful, even fearful, until that somebody introduces herself ...

This is the story about Mpumi having to honour her true self and save herself and her daughter, Nomsa, from the man she loves. Something no woman should be subjected to. Her love, her husband, her tormentor …!

With the help and interference of her two best friends, Nolwazi (Thuli Thabethe) and Grace (Jeanette Chambers), Mpumi has to find the strength, and self-love, to stand up and find her wings for the sake of her and her daughter – denying abuse and embracing life.

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“What does love mean to you: possession, power, or ... ?”

To launch this remarkable film trilogy, poised to impact domestic violence in our society, the first film “I Don’t…!” will be launched on 14 of February 2012, Valentine’s Day, under the heading “What does love mean to you: possession, power, or ... ?”

The launch will be a big red carpet event. All press and journalists will be invited, as well as the film’s sponsors.

At Turning Heads, we believe it is absolutely imperative to say to women of South Africa and globally: “You don’t have to stay if it’s going to cost you your life, and possibly your children’s lives.”

There is no more powerful way to speak to and change our world than film. The many sources of information about domestic abuse, the organisations, institutions and sources that are there to help victims of abuse are named in the literature accompanying the DVD package.

The sequels in the trilogy

The sequel I Do ... Again tackles the other side of the coin. This is a thorny issue and the filmmakers are determined not to portray the husband as a monster. So the second film, “I Do ... Again, digs deep into the thoughts, insecurities, fears and rages the husband lives through, rendering him unable to cope with his life, his marriage and his love.

In I Do ... Again the husband, Themba Mkhiz,e realises he not only loves his wife, but needs her and his daughter to come home and complete his family once more. He convinces the wife that he is going for counselling and that they should get back together, and they renew their vows.

In the third film, Never Again the wife leaves yet again when the beatings become intensified but this time he wants to kill her, to prevent her from leaving him. He is a man apart from the world he lives in, where the demand for him to perform and succeed seem relentless, driving him over the edge. His sense of failure in a world that no longer makes sense to him overwhelms him and the violence gets out of hand, increasing in occurrence and intensity.

I Do ... Again is scheduled to go into production in March 2012, and Never Again in May or June 2012.

For more information visit www.turningheads.co.za and www.idontmovement.com, or contact Nonkululeko Ndlovu on 076 244 2448 or Khanyi Mthembu on 073 639 7229.