South African 3D animation film Adventures in Zambezia will have its world premiere as the closing film for the 33rd edition of the Durban International Film Festival (DIFF), which runs from 19 to 29 July.


A landmark in South African animation, Adventures in Zambezia will screen on 28 July immediately following the DIFF award evening. With an African storyline, world-class 3D animation and an all-star voice cast that includes such luminaries as Abigail Breslin, Jeff Goldblum, Leonard Nimoy, Richard E Grant and Samuel L Jackson, the film looks set for global success.

“This coming-of-age story was a coming of age for the whole crew, and dare I say, South African animation,” says director Wayne Thornhill of Triggerfish Studios, the production company behind Zambezia. “Over three gruelling years, it turned many young, talented people into talented veterans of the industry. I am exceptionally proud to present their work to the world. I think it is of a quality not seen before in South African animation, and that it points to a bright future for a small industry that can punch well above its weight.”

The film tells the story of an intrepid young falcon, Kai, who is frustrated by his isolated desert upbringing and leaves his home and father to seek out a rumoured bird city called Zambezia, where he hopes to find personal prestige as a talented flyer. But he soon discovers that living in a community can be more difficult than surviving in the wild and it is only when the city comes under threat that he comes to understand that the only life worth living is a life lived through others.

Adventures in Zambezia will have its world premiere at the festival, and its uplifting message that a spirit of togetherness will allow us to flourish is an entirely appropriate way to close South Africa’s largest and longest-running film festival.

Watch the trailer for Adventures in Zambezia:


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