On his first trip to South Africa, world-renowned British digital cinematographer Philip Bloom will be holding a mass workshop and a smaller two-day master class in Johannesburg, focusing on gaining practical, hands-on experience.

Philip Bloom

Bloom has toured the globe hosting workshops and sharing his experiences and best practices with professional and independent filmmakers. He has also filmed, directed and edited short films, documentaries and much more. He is brought to South Africa by Be Creative Events.

The large one-day workshop will be held on 6 October for 100 people, while the two-day small master class will be held on 8 and 9 October for 25 people.

Technology is constantly in flux, with improved tools regularly coming to market. Yet Bloom continues to embrace the best gear needed to create the film look. He is a multi-skilled filmmaker, having over 20 years’ experience as a cinematographer, director, editor and sound engineer. Over the past four years he has become one of the world’s leading evangelists for the low-budget film look. He also drives the use of DSLR cameras for video by using products like the Canon 5DmkII and, more recently, the Sony FS100, F3, Canon C300 and the new slow motion beast, the FS700.

In 2005, he was shortlisted for a British Academy of Film and Television Arts craft award for his series of short films for Sky News, If I were Prime Minister. More recently, he has worked with George Lucas as the 5D cinematographer on the WWII movie from LucasFilms, Red Tails.

Rick Joaquim and Dale Ballantine, the founders of Be Creative Events, said they wanted to launch a platform for filmmakers to connect to a global standard of training, and use that knowledge and experience to create local films – provide spaces for learning and use our skills to create local films, while being the best filmmakers we can be.

“We are South Africans who are invested in developing cinematic African stories. The whole filmmaking environment has changed so much with the use of HDSLRs and large-sensor cameras, especially in Africa, where the ability to leap frog technologies is common,” they said. “We now have access to so much more than we used to and can create moving pictures like we had only dreamt of. Be Creative Events is about bringing together the best teachers, technologies and techniques to South African shores so that our local filmmakers can be empowered.”

Booking for the workshop and master class can be made on the Be Creative Events website