In its third year in Africa (and 12th internationally), the 48 Hour Film Project is an international competition challenging budding filmmakers to make movies, from script to screen, in a mere 48 hours and giving them an opportunity to showcase them on an international stage.

All creativity, writing, shooting and editing, must occur in a 48-hour window beginning Friday evening at 7pm and ending Sunday at 7pm. The teams won't know what genre (thriller/comedy etc) they will be shooting until the start of the competition. The films must also include randomly selected lines of dialogue, props and characters. After the films are complete, they are shown in a local theatre and judged.

The 48 Hour Film Project is supported by the Gauteng Film Commission.

To be part of the 48HFP contact:

The 48 Hour Film Project 2012

Last year was a big year for the 48HFP. With over 70 films made in Johannesburg the stakes where high for the competing filmmakers. Best Film went to PI R Squared for 'Beau Belle Cosmetics' and the team is preparing to attend the 48 Hour Filmapalooza in Los Angeles as we speak.

The 48HFP took over Cape Town for the time and the response was outstanding. With over 20 films made in a single weekend all screening where completely sold out. Best Film went to Past Tense by Bench Films which was predominantly student crew from City Varsity Cape Town.

Plans for the 48 Hour Film Project 2013

The project will continue to host in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Exciting news for all Durbanites because the 48 HFP is coming to Durban this year.

The 48 Hour Music Video Project (48MVP)

The 48 Hour Music Video Project is an international creative contest where bands and songwriters team with filmmakers to create a music video in only 48 hours. It is the ultimate challenge of creativity and cooperation.

With its launch in 2012 Johannesburg took the challenge to be among the first cities to participate. Eight musicians and eight filmmaking teams paired together to make a music video. Seven out of eight teams were on time, making the competition even tighter.

In the end "Now here, Nowhere" by Ampersand made with Meerfout Films took the overall prize.

Who can participate?

Anyone can join! Bands/songwriters will be required to provide an original song which they wrote and recorded (no covers). Musicians of all genres are welcome: rock bands, singer songwriters, rappers, etc.

In 2013, the 48MVP will be bigger and better in Johannesburg and will also be launched in Cape Town this year.

48 Hour Film Project 2012 winners

Download the list of Johannesburg movies and teams

  • Best Film in Johannesburg: PI R Squared 'Beau Belle Cosmetics'
  • Best use of character - PI R Squared 'Beau Belle Cosmetics'
  • Best use of prop - TintPost '2 Rand'
  • Best use of line - Afrokaans 'Audition'
  • Best use of Genre - Danettadanetta Movie Makers 'Affectu'
  • Best Production design - Danettadanetta Movie Makers 'Affectu'
  • Best Editing - Baby, I love you 'Veronika'
  • Best Cinematography - Danettadanetta Movie Makers 'Affectu'
  • Best Special Effects - Baby, I love you 'Veronika'
  • Best Sound design - Baby, I love you 'Veronika'
  • Best musical Score - BigBlot Pictures 'Romance at Wedding'
  • Best use of Audio Network - Dope X Frames 'The sale'
  • Best actor - Luthli Dlamini 'As it used to be'
  • Best Actress - Zoe Fairbrother -Straw 'Beau Belle Cosmetics'
  • Best Producing - Renate Stuurman 'Beau Belle Cosmetics'
  • Best writing – PI R Squared 'Beau Belle Cosmetics'
  • Best Directing - PI R Squared 'Beau Belle Cosmetics'

Audience Awards

Winners were voted for by the audience and include both late and on time films.

  • Best Film Group A - BigBlot Pictures 'Romance at Wedding'
  • Best Film Group B - Collectif 109 'As it used to be'
  • Best Film Group C - FlashMob Pictures 'Fold'
  • Best Film Group D - TintPost '2 Rand'
  • Best Film Group E - PI R Squared 'Beau Belle Cosmetics'
  • Best Film Group F - Sovereign Productions 'A simple Call'
  • Best Film Group G - ThreeDelta 'The Interview'
  • Best Film Group H - Baby, I love you 'Veronika'